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Covid Guidance

As at 3 January 2022

We understand people's concerns regarding the ongoing pandemic. For those coming from outside the UK we would like to stress that Scotland has a devolved government from the UK and has imposed tighter restrictions throughout the pandemic which EIIF will continue to follow. 

As a response to the Omicron variant, Scotland imposed tighter restrictions for three weeks from December 27 which will be reviewed on 11th January. With these new guidelines we are still able to run the festival but with some restrictions, please see the guidance below.

With our festival taking place February 18-20 we are hopeful that this is far enough away to go ahead as unrestricted as possible but we will continue to monitor . Obviously there is no certainty with what could and will happen, and we are looking at Plan B options in case they are necessary. 

The EIIF team will keep everyone’s safety in mind as we try to make 2022’s festival as fun, exciting and memorable as previous year’s events. 

Festival Guidance for Performers, Participants and Audience Members 

Current rules state that indoor events under 500 can still go ahead, capacity at the Storytelling Centre is 100 and we will be operating a queuing in / out system to minimise contact.

In order to create a safe environment with as minimal disruption as possible we ask that performers, participants and audience members take some precautions regarding Covid: 

  • As per Scottish Government guidance - masks must be worn indoors. This includes at EIIF performances, workshops or jams. Performers may remove their masks when performing, but they must be worn whilst moving around the Scottish Storytelling Centre and within the green room.

  • Please use a Lateral Flow test daily before attending EIIF events and attend only if you have a negative result. 

  • It is mandatory to wear masks on public transport in Scotland. We also recommend wearing one if you are car sharing with those from outside your household. 

  • Follow guidance from the Scottish Storytelling Centre staff. 

  • If you are travelling to EIIF from further afield, please check your insurance options when arranging travel and accommodation.


For Performers: 

  • Performers may remove their masks whilst performing - however masks still must be worn indoors whilst moving around the venue. 

  • Masks must be worn within the green room. 

  • Each team will have their own green room - and should report there 20 minutes before their show begins. Performers will be advised nearer the time of the festival where they need to go and when.

For Workshop Participants: 

  • Masks should be kept on during workshops. 

  • Please aim to maintain social distancing whilst participating in workshops

Travelling to Scotland For up to date guidance from the Scottish Government please visit this website

Scottish Government For the latest Covid advice and restrictions from the Scottish Government please visit this website


This guidance will be reviewed and updated prior to the festival dates and will be made available on the website, socials and sent to participants via email.

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