Carpet & Kinross Kasunick

Familiar faces from World's Greatest Improv School, Carpet, and Kinross Kasunick from New Orleans, in this double bill.



February 19, 2022 9:45PM

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Carpet & Kinross Kasunick

Get ready for World’s Greatest Improv School’s own Carpet and Kinross Kasunick from New Orleans.

One of the original WGIS house teams from back in the day - Carpet bring together improvisers from across the globe in one glorious montage. This show will be celebrating the global lines that improv managed to cross when improvisers played together online.

Together, Maggie White and David James Hamilton are Kinross Kasunick.

Both experienced improvisers, Maggie and David teamed up in 2018, hosting the night It Takes Two. We're excited to bring their twoprov to the Scottish Storytelling Centre.