MC Hammersmith & The Danes

Improvised hip hop comedy from MC Hammersmith and WGIS favourites The Danes kick off day three of EIIF



February 20, 2022 4:30PM

Scottish Storytelling Centre

MC Hammersmith & The Danes

From the mean streets of middle class west London, get ready to meet MC Hammersmith and say hello to The Danes.

MC Hammersmith is bringing his live band to EIIF and with them comes an entire set of improvised hip hop comedy. Get ready for looping, auto-tuning, live sampling and spontaneous rhymes.

Well known in WGIS, The Danes Thalia, Cameron, Flaviu, Halfdan, Martin, Sarah and Melissa are bringing their show from the WGIS Twitch all the way to the EIIF stage.