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The flagship team of the Glasgow Improv Theatre. Couch is made up of some of the best improvisers in the UK and USA. Whether they perform a Harold or a Soundtrack this will surely be a show you don’t want to miss.

Coventry Improv logo.jpg


Coventry Improv is the Premier Improvisation Group in Coventry. The group is headed up by a wide variety of performing talents. They have a rich set of performers, from all backgrounds, who have collectively set up to perform in and around Coventry! 

Coventry Improv


The Festival’s All-Star Armando Show- For one night only, the best improvisers from this year's festival will join together to make an Improv Supergroup! After hearing a story from a special guest storyteller, this all-star troupe will close out the festival by weaving scenes together right before your very eyes! Featuring performers from the greatest improv teams from around the world. Join us in closing the festival with a BANG! 

Festival All-Star Armando
Filbert logo.jpg


Filbert is one of the mainstage teams at Curious Comedy. Known for their joy and playfulness on stage, they excel at the classic improv form, The Harold. They also bring full heart to the character driven La Ronde.



All-Time UCB Cagematch Champions Hebecky Drysbell finished their run, undefeated, at 78-0. Now they arrive in Edinburgh with their shockingly fast format of playing multiple characters simultaneously, pushing the audience and themselves to keep up. This two-woman team, starring Heather Anne Campbell (SNL, Whose Line is it Anyway) & Becky Drysdale (Key & Peele, Orange is the New Black) will show you why they have the longest win streak in improv history. 

“An uncanny chemistry -- akin to Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, or Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. The fast-paced, quick-witted and character-rich brand of improv at which they excel seems to come effortlessly when the duo performs." LA Weekly 

Hebecky Drysbell
i heard pillow logo.jpg


Born in Iceland, distilled in hot tub bubbles, and ready to perform at the drop of a (mimed) hat.I Heard Pillow an exciting new home-grown improv group from Edinburgh, filled with experienced improvisers from some of Scotland's best troupes of the last few years.

I Heard Pillow
Improbotics Logo.png



Improbotics Ltd.-Hilarious comedy show and science experiment where improvisers are fed lines from an actual artificial intelligence. Featured in the New York Times. “I will stick with artificial stupidity” (Colin Mochrie). “This could be revolutionary” (Broadway Baby). **** Edmonton Fringe 2018. ***** Phoenix Remix, Brighton Fringe 2019.

Improbotics Ltd



Emmy nominated writers Rebecca Drysdale (Key & Peele, All That) & Heather Anne Campbell (SNL, The Twilight Zone) will walk the audience through their writing process, the do’s and don’t's of Spec Scripts, and what it takes to work in a writer’s room. There will be a Q&A at the end. 

In Conversation With
Jazz Police Logo.jpg



Jazz Police are a group of improv players/directors/producers/teachers joined together with 1 solemn goal: have fun. Since their founding in 2019 they've performed in Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds, London and the Edinburgh Fringe. They're known for two things: their sound & movement inspired openings/edits, and their unrelenting love of Borat/Austin Powers/Ace Ventura/The Mask (+Cuban Pete)

Jazz Police
murder murder logo.jpg



Murder Murder is an improvised murder mystery troupe out of the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, New York. We perform a murder mystery before your very eyes! Laugh along with us as we discover who-dun-it! 

Murder Murder
Persimmon Logo.jpeg



A half dozen of humans, featuring people from all over the UK (and beyond, one of us is an AMERICAN), who have somehow congregated in the capital to perform fun and silly long form improv. Made up of seasoned performers across many many mediums, stand up, music, poetry, theatre, and of course improv, Persimmon are somehow greater than the sum of their parts. Somehow. I don't know. Maths is hard. 



Rawhide is a rough and tumble journey into the inner workings of species connectivity. Also known as real good two person long form improvisation. [TwoProv] 


Will Hines and Billy Merritt have performed together for decades, first with The Stepfathers in New York and currently with The Smokes in Los Angeles.  


They've been teaching at the Upright Citizens Brigade during that time. They've written a book together 'Pirate, Robot, Ninja: An Improv Fable'. They've had long wonderful, nerd-like conversations about improv, teaching improv, and what makes for a perfect Improv scene.  


Come watch that perfect scene take place. 

Rawhide (Hines & Merritt)
Rebels in my sight logo.png



Think for yourself! This fully long form improv show will make your brain tick and your heart race. It will challenge your perception of the world, of what is right and what is wrong. Characters, relationships and scenarios will make you question everything. 
Think for yourself! Or others will do it for you! 

Rebels In My Sight
Showstopper logo.jpg



Showstopper: The Improvised Musical has been a rip-roaring success since the show started in 2008, with eleven sell-out years at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, two West End runs, an Olivier award and a BBC Radio 4 series.


Showstoppers need your help! They are on a deadline to write a new musical. The audience shouts out suggestions of a setting, mnusical styles and a title and they are off, creating a brand new musical in front of your eyes, complete with hilarious characters, dance routines, beautiful songs, epic storylines all sprinkled with the pizazz of a Broadway show.

We could never fit the West End version into the Roxy so Showstopper have created this scaled down version especially for us. Featuring 4 of the original cast and Duncan Walsh-Atkins on the keys, it's going to be a riotous night of improvised musical theatre.

Showstopper: The Improvised Musical
Special Relationship.jpg



Last year, fate threw together a bunch of improvisers from all over the world to perform together after only one rehearsal. This year, they will return. Bringing together improvisers from the UK and the USA this is... The Special Relationship. 


Last year's International Ensemble return to where it all began! 

Special Relationship


Edinburgh legends Stu & Garry provide absolutely roaring comedy that will have you crippled with laughter. Known for their nearly 20 year residency at Edinburgh's Stand Comedy Club, Stu Murphy and Garry Dobson are masters of their art. They work flawlessly together with razor-sharp wit and quick imagination that will completely knock your socks off. 

Stu & Garry
stu and garry logo.jpg
Surface Tension
Surface Tension logo.JPG



Surface Tension are the most successful made-up band in the history of Scotland. Listen as Barry and Steven weave audience suggestions into ‘prov rock bangers that’ll have the audience chanting along with them. 

The Clap



The Clap are an improv comedy group based in Glasgow, combining the best improv traditions from Scotland, England, California, and wherever Katja's from. Expect a mix of longform and shortform improv (with some guitar music maybe). Combining 'thought-provoking jokes about life' with lots of puerile gags about bottoms. 

The Committee
The Committee Logo.jpg



 One of London's hottest groups, The Committee perform hilarious and inventive improvised comedy. A whole show made up on the spot by performers as seen on BBC1, Channel 4 and BBC Radio 4, and all created from one single word from the audience. One of The Times ‘Top improv shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe’ 

The Cutting Room
The Cutting Room Photo.jpg



An improvised comedy journey that could, potentially, go anywhere. Driven by a one-word audience suggestion The Cutting Room can take you where no one has gone before. A unique comedy experience with a different show every time. 



What happens when 8 strangers that have never met each other come together due to their love of improv? The EIIF Ensemble Team will have performers from around the world bring their unique skills to one troupe. After being coached by Showstopper!’s Pippa Evans, this ragtag bunch will conquer not only the stage... but also our hearts. 

EIIF International Ensemble
The Imposters
The Imposters.png



The Imposters are Shetland’s only comedy group, and the northernmost source of comedy in the UK. Performing regularly throughout the islands of Shetland to packed local crowds, the Imposters provide a unique comedy voice from one of the country’s most remote and unusual areas.

The Ol' Bill
The ol bill logo.jpg



In the dystopia of post-Brexit London, police carry guns, smoking is allowed indoors and there is a killer stalking the streets. In this improvised series ‘The New London Metropolitan Police’, sets out to put them away with only the way of murder and one piece of evidence to help them. 

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