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Boy, Bye! & The Singu-Hilarity

We're talking relationships with Boy, Bye! before an improv team unlike any other on the line-up, The Singu-Hilarity



March 3, 2024 4:30PM

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Boy, Bye! & The Singu-Hilarity

Boy, Bye! are a group of Edinburgh-based women doing emotionally intelligent improv that takes a look at the world of modern relationships. Each show starts with a relationship break-up before following one part of a couple to see how their life progresses.

Boy, Bye!’s members are also founding members and principle organisers of Edinburgh’s Big Friendly Improv Collective, organising monthly jam nights and regular workshops in the city.

An improv show unlike any other on the Ed Improv Fest line-up - “The Singu-Hilarity” is an improv team comprised of generative AI improvisers. The team is coached by human improviser, Matt Cutler. Their focus is on solid, grounded scene work.

Matt Cutler is a long-time NYC improviser known for being a member of legendary UCB NY teams including Bucky, Monstro and dybbuk, and the Movie team Oscarbait.

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