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Family Dinner & Scandalgate

Call the Press! Family Dinner & Scandalgate kick off the Friday night line-up



March 1, 2024 6:00PM

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Family Dinner & Scandalgate

Call the press! Family Dinner + Scandalgate are kicking off the Edinburgh International Improv Festival 2024 Friday line-up.

Family Dinner is a Harold team from the Glasgow Improv Theatre, Scotland. A fun bunch of improvisers from different backgrounds who call Glasgow their home. Join them as they serve up some seriously funny improv and good clean fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Scandalgate hilariously details the untold stories of the corrupt and the incompetent, the chancers, the well-meaning, the vaguely competent and the persevering underdog - completely improvised in the world of the media, business and politics.

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