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This Doesn't Leave The Room w/ Rawhide

Two hour special on Thursday night with the Free Association and some familiar faces supporting...



February 29, 2024 7:30PM

Scottish Storytelling Centre

This Doesn't Leave The Room

A special Thursday kick-off show direct from London. The flagship show of the Free Association theatre in a one-off Edinburgh special.

A scandalously fun show of daring, confessional improv comedy.

An all-star team of improvisers reveal their darkest secrets and audience members confess their most outrageous sins to inspire this scintillating, salacious and totally shame-positive improv show! Don't miss out, because every show is completely different - and This Doesn't Leave the Room...

The support act for This Doesn’t Leave The Room is a duo who previously performed together at Ed Improv Fest back in 2020. They are Will Hines and Billy Merritt, and together they are Rawhide.

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