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Apply for 2024

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Applications are now closed.

Thanks for applying.




The Edinburgh International Improv Festival brings together some of the best long form improv comedy performers and teams from around the world. It’s a four day celebration featuring shows, workshops and jams. 2024 will be year six and we can’t wait to welcome you all to Edinburgh. 


The majority of shows and workshops take place at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the historic Royal Mile. 


We are looking for experienced teams to perform. Ideally your team will have performed in front of audiences (in person or online) and be, or have been, coached (in person or online). When programming the festival we look to celebrate unique voices and a varied selection of long form formats and styles. 



Team Applications

We will not consider team applications that are submitted without a video of a previous performance of the team. 


We are ideally looking for a full set of a show that is around 20 minutes in length and includes the cast that will be attending the festival if selected. We are not looking for a ‘best of’ reel.


This video does not have to be professionally shot and can be as simple as one taken on a mobile phone from the side of the stage. 


Please edit your video down to your teams’ performance only or provide timestamps. Depending on where you upload your video file you may need to include passwords for us to view. 


Ensemble Applications 

Ensemble applicants can include a video of a set they were part of but it is not mandatory for their application. Please describe your outfit so we can spot you in the team performing.



We do not charge for applications so feel free to apply with as many teams as you wish. Please don’t submit a team more than once, and wait until you have all the required information to fully complete the form available before submitting. 



If selected your team will be given a 25 minute performance slot as part of a one hour long double bill shared with another team. We generally try to pair up a Scottish team with an international team. Home team and an Away team, if you will… 


Teams receive a cut of the box office takings. 



If you would like a chance to perform at the festival but are unable to travel with your team we encourage you to apply for a spot in our Ensemble Team. Each year we pick eight individual performers, partner them with a coach, provide a coaching session at the festival and then a performance slot. It’s a great way to meet new improvisers and share the stage with performers you wouldn’t normally get to play with. In previous years we’ve had two ensemble teams giving sixteen individuals the chance to play. 


Previous ensemble coaches have included Pippa Evans, Katy Schutte, Graham Dickson, Michelle Gilliam and Mara Joy.



We receive many applications for performance slots and only have a very limited number to program across the weekend. Please do not be disheartened if your team is not accepted. We encourage you to apply again in the future.

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