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Apply for 2023

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Applications are now closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application for this year's festival. Sadly the deadline has now passed. We'll begin programming the festival and will reach out to those who applied shortly. 

As a reminder, these were the two categories that we opened applications for:


If selected, teams are given a 25 minute performance as part of an hour long double bill with a fellow team. 

Teams will receive a cut of the box office takings for their show.


For those who don't find it possible to travel with an entire team or who are wanting to socialise and make new friends can apply for our Ensemble Team. We pick a team of eight improvisers from individual applicants and provide the team with a coach.


Our Ensemble Team is a chance to meet improvisers from different parts of the world and perform together in a 25 minute set as part of the festival.


If you are applying for our Ensemble Team please make sure you will be available in Edinburgh on Thursday, March 2, 2023 and Sunday, March 5, 2023.

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