Friday 28th February


12pm - 5.30pm


11am - 5pm

EIIF: Will Hines Workshop

Pulling Premise

11am - 5pm

EIIF: Billy Merritt Workshop


Saturday 29th February


10am - 4pm

EIIF: Rebecca Drysdale Workshop

Game Machine

10am - 4pm

EIIF: Billy Merritt Workshop


1pm - 4pm

EIIF: Will Hines Workshop

Lets Fight

4.30pm - 5.45pm

EIIF: In Conversation With:

Heather Campbell & Rebecca Drysdale


Sunday 1st March


10am - 4pm

EIIF: Will Hines Workshop


10am - 4pm

EIIF: Becky Drysdale Workshop

Playing Whats Already There

1pm - 4pm

EIIF: Billy Merritt Workshop

Game Of Scene


Showstopper: Musical Improv

Over the day we will introduce you to our training method at Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. This will be in areas such as song creation, storytelling and acting whilst improvising. 

This course is for people with some degree of improvisation or musical theatre experience, who should already be confident with acting and singing. It will be led by two of Showstopper's longest serving members. 

"I am very grateful for the passionate and determined approach Showstoppers took to helping us learn and progress as much as we did… All in all, a thoroughly educational and fun experience!”

Matt Sparkes, intensive workshop participant January 2017

Will Hines:

Pulling Premise From An Opening - 28th Feb | 11am-5pm

The UCB Theatre champions this approach: you start with an opening, and you use that opening to get good comedic ideas for your scenes, and then you use those ideas! Jump-start your scenes with a funny premise right away! Learn the strengths and pitfalls of this approach. Remember to be an actor, even though you start off like a writer. We will use at least two openings: probably monologues and pattern games though the teacher reserves the right to change these on the day. 

Lets Fight - 29th Feb | 1pm-4pm

Learn how to argue well in an improv scene. Lessons learned: making all accusations true, being wrong AND relatable, making things worse, being "topsy-turvy" to reality, as well as several arbitrary rules the teacher likes which frankly are indefensible, like how "two" is the funniest number. 

ROBOT, Pirate, Ninja: From the original Robot - 1st March | 10am-4pm

The principles of the smash improv textbook "Pirate, Robot, Ninja" as taught by the robot co-author. We will go over the concept of "flow" (pirate, actor, feeling) and "game" (robot, writer, thinker) and switching between them. We will use lots of terms and rules, perfect for machines who wish to appear human. We'll go over things like: making problems worse, relatable realities, voices of reason and unusual people and other improv tools! 


Billy Merritt:

Monoscene Variations - 28th Feb | 11am-5pm

There are many ways to perform a Monoscene [One Act, Road Trip, French Scene] It's not just doing a 30 min scene. There are many techniques you can apply depending on your groups strengths and weaknesses. In this workshop we will try different techniques, see how each one requires a different set of skills and a different way to play.  

PIRATE, Robot, Ninja: From the original Pirate - 29th Feb | 10am-4pm

The principles of the smash improv textbook Pirate, Robot, Ninja: An Improv Fable as told through the perspective a the original Pirate author of the book. We will work on staying grounded and real in your scenes, building characters from the inside out, and playing without fear. This workshop is perfect for getting out of your head and just playing the damn scene.  

Game Of Scene - 1st March | 1pm-4pm

This class dissects and demystifies the term "Game of Scene"

There are many ways to play game, this class explores different types [premise, organic, genre] Game can change with different long forms, different groups, different directors.  

This is what can be confusing about it, this workshop will un-confuse you. 


Rebecca Drysdale:

Game Machine - 29th Feb | 10am-4pm

Use emotion instead of big fat ideas to drive the game of your scene forward and communicate with your scene partner. Learn how to hit your game on every single line of your scene so that you can then have control over when you rest it and pick it back up again. Let heightening take care of the details, so that you can focus on your scene partner and listening. Work less, play more!  

Playing What's Already There - 01 Mar | 10am-4pm

Everything you need for your scene is on stage with you. You don’t need to invent, write quickly in your head, come up with some hilarious idea, or wait for someone to come in from the back line to tie everything together. Learn how to identify game and relationships right out of the gate, and communicate with your partner through heightening instead of explaining. Stop looking for game, and start creating it, stop waiting for unusual things and make the things that are already happening unusual. Spend less time figuring out what your scene is, and more time actually playing it!  


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