Code of Conduct

  • Treat your teacher and your fellow classmates with respect.

  • Do not use someone’s identity (this includes, but is not limited to race; gender; gender expression; sexuality; religion; socio-economic background; age and disability) as a joke or something to negatively comment on. 

  • Remember that this is an improv class room and not a space to try out your edgy material. Avoid topics that can be considered offensive or situations that will make your classmates feel uncomfortable.

  • Use your best Zoom etiquette. Please mute your microphone if you have background noise and try to not interrupt others who are speaking.

  • Celebrate others achievements and support your classmates.

  • Everyone has the right to stop any scene in which they feel unsafe or uncomfortable without explanation. 

  • Help us to foster a creative and supportive learning environment.

  • The Seen in Scenes team is always available if you have any concerns or wish to discuss anything -