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Game Monster | Ronnie Adrian




6 Hours


Scottish Storytelling Centre

Date and Time

Saturday, March 2, 2024 10AM

About the Workshop

I believe everything is important in an improv scene. But I also believe that once “the game” is established, that becomes the MOST important thing in the scene.

This workshop will start by making sure our basic scene fundamentals are second nature. Then we’ll play with some lessons in agreement in an effort to support better gameplay.

After that we will drill scene work with a focus on making sure once an agreed upon game is established, everything in the scene after that is either a reinforcement of that discovery or reflective of it. It’s many ways to play and support game. This workshop will give you practice with some of those ways.

I’m going to make you play game. Don’t be mad at me because I made you play game.

Your Instructor

Ronnie Adrian

Ronnie is a performer based out of Los Angeles California. He has taught at such institutions as The Upright Citizens Brigade theater and also World’s Greatest Improv School. He has acted in movies and on tv and also written for tv (if that’s something you’re interested in knowing). He has performed in cities all around America and you can often catch him in LA with his various groups most notably The Dragons, Bangarang and The Big Team. He does other things besides comedy but this is a comedy bio so he’ll keep those things to himself.

Ronnie Adrian
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